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Backlink Website Categories

Press Release Websites

List of 99 websites to earn some publicity and backlinks.

Guest Blogging

List of 215 websites for guest blogging and earning high DA backlinks.

Business Listings

List of 232 websites to get some traffic + high DA backlinks

Forum Submissions

List of 342 websites to get traffic and backlinks from forums.

Social Bookmarking

List of 122 high DA websites for social bookmarking.

Article Submission

List of 92 websites to submit your articles to get exposure and backlinks.

Q & A Websites

List of 40 websites to get some traffic and backlinks

Web 2.0

List of 110 websites to get some cool 2.0 backlinks.

Micro Blogging Websites

List of 18 microblogging websites to get some traction and backlinks

Job Posting Websites

List of 81 websites to grab high DA-PA links from job sites.

Podcast Submission

List of 31 websites to get some more downloads and backlinks

Classified Listings

List of 292 websites to post your ads on classified listing sites.

RSS Feed Submission

List of 30 websites to submit your RSS Feeds and get more traction and backlinks.

PPT & PDF Submissions

List of 27 websites to get exposure + backlinks with your PPTs and PDFs.

Event Submission

List of 49 websites to grab backlinks from high DA event websites.

Infographic Submission

List of 167 websites to create high DA backlinks with images and infographics.

Video Submission

List of 48 websites to create backlinks by submitting your videos.

Image Submission

List of 80 websites to submit your images and earn good backlinks.

Directory Link Submission

List of 169 websites to earn backlinks from various directories.

SEO Audit Sites

List of 19 websites to get backlinks from SEO Audits.

Rough Draft Links

List of 5940 websites to get some draft links. Do this if you know what you are doing.

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